Height adjustable desk with walnut live edge top.

Height adjustable desk is a very good option for work from home or just having a nice and comfortable desk. You can work standing and give a break to seating periods. This set-up allows the lowest height to be around 29" and the highest to be almost 49". There are 3 memory to pre-sets for your favorites positions. The top is a 1" 1/4 piece of walnut with live edge on both side. It's 63" wide by 28" deep and provide plenty of space. At the back and beneath, there is a cable management box in walnut as well to match the top and organize and hide all cable. It can also hold a small size UPS.

This custom set-up was designed for a rustic look with the dark walnut and the live edge. There is a lot of other way to customize a set-up like that. For example, a maple top with straight edges and white led will give a modern look.